Hello and welcome to Handmade by Holly :) I'm a 28 year old mummy to Maisie Rose, who arrived at 4.59am on 12th December 2019 in a truly wonderful home birth, and Peanut, a rather mischievous but incredibly loving long haired sausage dog. We live in Hastings, East Sussex with my husband James and are big believers of 'enjoy the little things in life'. 

I studied Textiles at GCSE and absolutely loved it, but I was unfortunately pushed down a more academic path when it came to my A Levels and Degree (I studied English & Creative Writing at Chichester University) so it wasn't until I started doing some crafting in preparation for our wedding that I really discovered my passion for sewing. I had this little idea fester away in my head of how I'd like to make memory bears, but it took me about half a year to find the confidence to try making a teddy and then do many many practices and redesigns using a variety of patterns until I decided to just make my own template to create the style of teddy I kept picturing.

I had already been selling a few handmade items through Instagram (fabric animal keyrings, hanging hearts, decoupage items and textile/button wall art) and when I started to share my bears I was very fortunate to receive a lot of support and interest, and people kindly shared photos of their teddies and recommended me to friends and family; so within a couple of months I had achieved my dream of finally having my own successful business and luckily it has continued to grow ever since then.

In the summer of 2018 we moved into a new house where we were able to create me a sewing room in our spare bedroom (I'd been taking over the living room with my business in our 1 bedroom flat until this point!) This was a dream come true and meant I had the space to start offering memory blankets alongside the bears, as well as cushions and stockings.

I will be forever grateful for how my business grew over these years, and then on 24th April 2019 we found out our biggest dream had finally come true and we were expecting a little baby Hamilton. I had been told I wouldn't manage to conceive a baby naturally due to severe PCOS, no ovulation and an ovary at risk of rupture. Our little Maisie proved them wrong, and it was changing to a vegan diet and taking a herbal supplement called Agnus Castus which I believe made us manage to conceive Maisie (as well as the love our darling little Peanut provided us with)

I have been on maternity leave since November, loving every moment of looking after and breastfeeding Maisie and getting to grips with my new role and identity as a mummy. I will be reopening for orders in the Summer (either July or August) and will of course be sharing the memory items I make with my precious girls baby clothes on my social media. If you would like to reserve an order slot for when I reopen please contact me and I will pop it in my diary for you :)

Love and beary hugs from me and my little family xxx

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