I started Handmade by Holly in the summer of 2016, partly because I wanted to do some craft projects for our wedding and also because I’d realised I was going to have to leave my job due to health issues (I suffer from a few chronic illnesses which I was diagnosed with when I was 19.) 

I experimented with a few products for the first year, including hand sewn key rings, decoupage spoons and textile wall art. I always had the idea in the back of my head that I really wanted to make Memory bears, but I wasn’t sure where to start with them. After we got married in April something just clicked and I really wanted to just go for it and turn Handmade by Holly into a proper business. 

I then spent 2 weeks making many, many practice teddies whilst I trialled different patterns, sizes and sewing techniques (I think I ended up making over 10 practice bears!) I designed my own teddy pattern in the end so that each part of the bear can be made from a different clothing item and I can use up to 10 items per bear. They are intended as keepsake display items which work well sitting on a bookcase/shelf or on a bed. 

I feel so incredibly lucky with how my teddies have taken off since then; sewing brings me so much happiness and I am so thankful to be trusted with such special clothing items. My health continues to be a struggle, but sewing really is the best therapy :)

Over the last year I have also started making memory cushions and more recently patchwork memory blankets. I now have a little sewing room in our house which I run my business from and it just feels like a dream come true; I spent my early twenties feeling a bit lost and like my health was going to prevent me from being able to achieve anything. To have found something which I absolutely love and which allows me to work from home without making myself too poorly, whilst chatting to lovely people along the way just makes my heart swell  

'It's a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together'
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