Memory Cushion Gift Voucher £20

Memory Cushion 
Gift Voucher £30

Would you like to have a memory cushion made as a gift for someone?

 I understand it can be tricky to get special clothing items sometimes and you may want the memory cushions to be a surprise for them, so I thought a gift voucher would allow the cushions to be given more easily as gifts :) 

Memory cushion gift vouchers are £20 which covers the £15 for the cushion to be made and £5 UK signed for postage to post the finished cushion back to the recipient.

You can have a special message on the gift voucher (please see example above) Please email the message wording you would like to once you have purchased your gift voucher.

I have designed these gift vouchers in a similar way to how I made my wedding invitations, so they are extra special! 

If you have any questions or if you would like more information please do contact me, I love to chat :) You can see examples of previous memory cushions I’ve made in my gallery and you can read some of the lovely feedback I’ve received from customers here.

Holly x

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