What I got for christmas 2016

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

How cute is this glittery reindeer bag that my Mumma used for my presents? I've popped it in our christmas box under our bed so I can re-use it next year as I love it so much! The Mr did really well with my presents this year and chose them all by himself for the first time ever - I couldn't believe it when I opened the 'stardust' gift set from Lush as it has all my favourite Lush products in and it means I get to brighten up my January with the sweet yummy smells of snow fairy *insert all of the heart eyed emojis* I can't wait to get my bake on with Tanya Bakes; I can't decide which recipe to try first as they all look so yummy, so let me know if you have any recommendations. I'm planning on spending January embracing Hygge and doing lots of sewing whilst listening to potential music for our wedding on the bluetooth speaker that my Dad and Stepmum kindly got for me and James :) 
You can probably guess from this post that there was a bit of a Cath Kidston theme going on with my presents - me and Mum had quite a stressful time trying to get hold of some of the limited edition Minnie Mouse items (anyone else who was trying to get on the website when it launched will know what I mean!) so I feel like the luckiest sausage in the world with the beautiful bits we did manage to get hold of. This pattern is my absolute favourite and I said to Mum I'm never going to be able to upgrade my phone again now as I'll always want to use this case hehe!
The prettiest makeup bag I think I've ever seen! I'm so made up we managed to get one of these, it has the same pattern on the lining too and it makes me smile so much every time I look at my dressing table :) It's the perfect size and shape for my newly condensed makeup collection and I've popped the little Mickey Mouse gift tag against a photo frame to have it on display as I just couldn't bring myself to throw it away. I'm so happy to have a supply of pink smarties again (one of my absolute favourite things about christmas!) and the Barry M lipgloss tastes like bubblegum #obsessed
Me and my sister really wanted to see this at the cinema but we never got a chance, so I thought it would be a perfect christmas present for her - you can imagine how excited I was when I unwrapped it and she'd got it for me too!! I've already watched it and absolutely love it; I was laughing all the way through and I love the music in it too. Snowball is just the best character ever and I desperately want a Gidget now, maybe I can persuade the Mr next christmas hehe ;)
*My precious* This was one of the Disney items I really, really wanted but we couldn't get it on the website, luckily one of my lovely friends went into a store the next day though and she managed to get me the last one they had I was absolutely made up! It's the prettiest bag I've ever seen and is going to be so perfect for spring/summer too. I much prefer small handbags these days and this one sits perfectly in the nook of my arm; I'm taking it on it's first outing tomorrow and I can't wait!

I'd intended to have this post up on New Years day, but I've had a bit of a 'mare with blogger destroying the quality of my photos every time I uploaded them so they looked all grey and grainy #lesigh Anyway better late than never :) I was so lucky with all of the beautiful gifts I received for christmas and getting to spend time with my family and loved ones (I somehow managed to have 3 christmas days this year hehe!)

Love Holly x

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