1. Snuggle up in a blanket and your cosiest slipper socks with a couple of magazines and some of your Christmas chocolate - January can be really hard with the cold weather, dreary lighting and dark evenings, but it also gives the perfect excuse to have a cosy night in without feeling an ounce of FOMO. When I've been battling the cold weather all day there's nothing I love more than spending the evening curled up in a blanket reading a couple of girly magazines with some of my christmas chocolate #sorrynotsorry I've always viewed January as the month when you need a little chocolate indulgence more than ever, so I like to save my healthy eating plan for March time instead when Spring is just around the corner and I have a little more enthusiasm for salad :)
2. Indulge in a pamper night with a yummy Lush bubble bar - Nothing cheers me up more than a nice long soak in a hot Lush bath, and I try to find time for one a couple of times a week throughout January. I prefer bubble bars to bath bombs as I just love a good old bubbly bath and this Rose Jam Bubbleroon contains rose oil and rose absolute so smells absolutely incredible whilst leaving your skin seriously soft and smooth. It's designed to 'clear the mind and boost your mood' so is a perfect, uplifting choice for January :)
3. Read positivity quotes every morning - One of my 2016 goals is to read the Katie Piper 'Start Your Day With Katie' Daily Affirmations book each morning as it's a great way of giving you motivation and keeping you focused with your goals even if you're having a challenging time or feeling in a bad mood. I also love browsing for positive quotes on Instagram and Pinterest and I like to write them down on my phone or take a screenshot so I can look back on them if I'm needing a bit of a positivity boost.
4. Give yourself an at home manicure - I always feel so much more like 'girl, you got this' when I've got pretty painted nails. Whoever said glitter polish was just for christmas?! With the frosty weather and a chance of snowfall (I'm so jealous of everywhere that's got snow, we haven't even had a sprinkling!) it seems like the perfect time for glitter polish to me and a little bit of sparkle is always so uplifting :) I like to take some time to massage in plenty of my favourite Soap & Glory Hand Food Hand Cream to help stop my hands getting dry and sore in the cold weather and the Essie Cuticle Oil is also brilliant at keeping nails/cuticles strong and healthy.
5. Binge watch one of your favourite TV series - January is the perfect month to hibernate underneath the duvet and watch TV to your hearts content and you just can't beat a good old back to back marathon of your favourite TV series. I'm so excited PLL is back but it kills me that there's only one episode a week and after finishing Making A Murderer this morning (omg - let me know if you've seen it, I can't stop thinking about it!!) I decided it's time to crack out one of my old favourites and dream of New York with xoxo, Gossip Girl.

Do you have any tips on beating the January blues? Let me know how you like to spend your pamper time :)

Love Holly xo
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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

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