If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram then you may have already seen that I've had a rather exciting month as me and James are now officially engaged!! We've known for quite a while that we wanted to get married and we decided on new years eve that 2014 would be the year we'd get engaged. We had a week off work together at the start of the month so we had a special day out in Bluewater where we chose my ring together and had a posh Italian meal :) It was such a lovely day and we are both over the moon with my ring; it was the first one I tried on and was the only one the store had in stock so was a bit of omen that it was in my size. I wanted something delicate and classic and I absolutely love how the diamond stands up from the band :D
Everyone has been so happy and excited for us and I've felt completely on cloud nine; I haven't stopped smiling :) We've had so many beautiful cards from my family and the lovely ladies I work with which has really meant a lot to me and I don't think I'm ever going to want to take them down! I've had them out on the top of our radiator next to our dining room table so they have prime focus in our living room and I can enjoy looking at them all the time :) They're all so special and will be going into my little keep safe box.
My lovely assistant manager bought me my first bridal magazine which has got me incredibly excited and I had great fun looking through it and getting lots of ideas :) We're not planning to get married for a few years as we have a lot of saving to do and we want to just enjoy being engaged for a while, but I do have quite a few ideas in mind already for the kind of wedding I want to have and I've started having a look on pinterest and instagram for lots of inspiration. It's such a special occasion and I want to spend a long time planning it to make it as least stressful as possible :)
I'll stop gushing about my engagement news now hehe and move onto another important part of my life at the moment. I suffer from an illness called Fibromyalgia which is a chronic illness that there is no cure or medicine designed for so I've unfortunately been left to try and deal with the agonising pain, fatigue, exhaustion and other lovely symptoms without any real medical help. I'm experiencing a particularly bad flare up with the illness at the moment and have been getting really down in the dumps about it so I've decided to make my Instagram more Fibro focused to give myself a little positive outlet to share my progress and all things to do with the illness. There is a great community on Instagram for chronic illness sufferers called #spoonies so it's been really lovely connecting with people going through similar things. I'm trying to post a photo a day to keep myself positive and to also show a little more of my personality rather than just my outfits :) If you fancy following my journey on there my username is hollycrouch_ <3
I've come across a lot of research and people claiming that diet has a massive impact on Fibro so on Sunday I made the decision to change my diet in a positive way and try to be more healthy. I am in no way on a diet as I'm very happy with my body and I think I'm a very healthy weight, but I'm trying to focus on my health and wellness for the long run in the hopes that I will start feeling a little healthier in myself. I'm trying to eat a lot more fruit and vegetables, increase my protein intake, cut down on carbs, sugar and unhealthy fats and drink a lot more water. I used to eat chocolate every day as it always cheered me up a little and made the pain a bit more bearable, but I'm now trying to have chocolate just once or twice a week and have been researching guilt free yummy treats that I can have instead. This week I had a go at making guilt free brownies which are made from oats, peanut butter, greek yoghurt, honey, eggs and cocoa powder and they have honestly made me so happy because they are completely healthy but are absolutely delicious, especially if you pop them in the microwave for 30 seconds ;)
I've been particularly poorly today and have thankfully had the day off work so I've been trying to relax as much as possible and ended up getting changed into fresh pjs after my shower because sometimes I find normal clothes just too uncomfortable when I'm in this much pain. I've watched the Devil Wears Prada and Valentines Day this afternoon and am going to be spending the rest of my day watching more feel good films and having homemade mini ciabatta pizzas for dinner with plenty of vegetables on top :) James has been away this week on a cricket tour with his team so I'm super duper excited for him to get home although it's probably going to be about 3 in the morning eek!

Love Holly xo

Lifey Times: Getting Engaged, Instagram, Fibro & Healthy Eating

Thursday, 31 July 2014

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